Exploring the lab environment

Our lab environment uses 3 back-end servers:

  • red.wonderkitchen.tk, IP
  • blue.wonderkitchen.tk, IP
  • green.wonderkitchen.tk, IP

These three servers are configured the same, they publish the same content, but the background colour is different. That way we can understand load balancing better.

Every server publishes the following pages:

  • a simple homepage /index.html
  • a more beautiful one on /home.htm
  • to be compatible to Citrix I also publish a /red.htm, /blue.htm and /green.htm page. I am not a big fan of these as students usually don’t understand: a red page is available with each of these servers.
  • an even more colourful page, /lb_test.htm, used to demonstrate load-balancing.

In addition, there is also a stylesheet (/Styles.css) and some images (three about flowers, /Images/red_flower.jpg, /Images/blue_flower.jpg, /Images/green_flower.jpg, and tree from a market I have visited in India some years ago: /Images/Apples.png, /Images/Market.png, /Images/Locksmith.png)

There may be some test pages, for example for the web application firewall (WAF) as well, but they get mentioned later on.


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